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Anyone know what a Flea-Flicker Play or Trick Play is? posted on 11/09/2008

Here is a definition of what a Flea-Flicker or Trick Play is all about. 

One team will lead the defensive players on the opposing team to think they are playing a normal running play, this will cause the opposing team to leave their position and go after the running back, this leaves the quarterback to have the space to pass the football off.

One catch, the running back throws the football back to the quarterback, who will then pass the ball to one of his receivers.  All of this leaving the opposing team into thinking a running play is in effect.

Here is an example:

The play is:  The Flea-Flicker or Trick Play:

The players are:  Ted Ginn, Jr.-Wide Receiver (19), Ronnie Brown-Running Back (23), and Chad Pennington-Quarterback (10).

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Sunday Game-11/09/08 Dolphins (21) to Sea Hawks (19) posted on 11/09/2008

11/09/08/1:00pm/FOX/Sunday-Dolphins(21) vs Seahawks(19)(Seahawks Coach-Mike Holmgren 02/09, then Jim Mora)

1st Qtr:

1. Fins Tedd Ginn, Jr. (19),would have had a touchdown from a kick return, if it hadn’t been for a holding penalty by Charlie Andersen (56).

2. Ricky Williams (34) wins us a 1st down, he and Ronnie Brown (23), are 1st level players

3. Ted Ginn, Jr. (19) gave us a TD w/ help from Chad Pennington (QB), threw the ball to Ronnie  Brown (23) making it look like a run, but instead, Ronnie Brown threw the ball back to Pennington, who then threw it to Ginn who won us a TD.  Anyone know what the name of that play is? (see below) 

4. Can anyone guess how many Wildcat Plays were played in the 1st quarter? (see below) 

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Beginning Of Each Month I Am Going To Do A Dolphin Player of the Month posted on 11/02/2008

Guess who is the player this month?

Ted Ginn, Jr.  Why did I pick Ginn?  Because he is finally being recognized and attributed for who he is, and that is a modest, good team player.  Not like immodest Linebacker, Joey Porter, 55.

He is one of the five Wide Receivers along with Derek Hagan, Ernest Wilford, Davone Bess and Greg Camarill.

He will play a wide receiver starter. Ginn sat out the first week of the Dolphins minicamp, due to the foot injury he suffered in his last collegiate game.

Since his being picked as a ninth draft pick last year, 2007, he has had to bear the brunt of the draft party fans booing him and almost up until his game with the Bills, which culminated in turning it all around for him.  Who's laughing now, huh?  He's had plenty of criticism and he keeps on playing for his team and the game.  He wears the Number 19, in honor of his father, a coach, he played under at Glenville, High Schoo.

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How long should our players practice in Colorado in order to get their lungs conditioned to the altitude in order to have a winning game against the Broncos on their turf? posted on 11/02/2008

“According to Broncos coach Mike Shanahan who admitted Wednesday that the high altitude is a big reason why the Broncos own the best home record in the NFL over the last 30 years. “We’ve got the best record I think at home over the last 30 years and I don’t think it’s because we’ve been the best football team. I do think there’s an advantage from an altitude standpoint. Players that have played here over the years feel that way as well.” ‘• OLB Joey Porter, who went to school at Colorado, is concerned about the altitude. “The altitude is really big. I’ve trained there a lot. I’ll go back to California for a week and come back and it feels like it’s ripping a hole in your chest. It’s definitely going to take some extra conditioning to where you go up in this thin air, you’re going to feel the difference.” Yahoo! Sports

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Sorry Daddy O! posted on 10/30/2008
But you're crazy.  I have to disagree.  Pep had his chance at glory, blew it away to vainness, so no vote here.  I know it probably sounds harsh, but I have actually met him up close and in person, and have had the opportune chance to talk and listen with him for a quick 10 minutes at the Orlando Airport.  All this happened in the year of 2002. When he was at his lowest. He didn't impress me, he didn't do anything but leave his autograph with me written on a TSA card.  Which by the way I had it framed, and had given it to my son, who happens to be a BUC fan.  Nobody I know in Orlando was impressed with him as QB, so sorry.

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